From dice to mice - we have evolved. Modern Paradise started as a publisher of Tabletop games. Second Coming: The SciFi RPG book was our first release in 2006. Then we invaded the video game arena with our first multiplayer release – Second Coming: Tactical Training.

Who we are is simply, really. We’re a bunch of gamers at heart, with the desire to create the games that WE would want to play, not what the bean counters would have us make. We started out as a small group of friends. We continue as a family – including the next generation of gamers. That Modern Paradise is a family company is not only in name or appearance. That comes from contributing game art like Killer Ducky or as inspiration like MacKensey’s Zombie Park bunny shredding mayhem. Our in-house drummer recorded one of the bass lines for the Tactical Training release. Modern Paradise isn’t just a concept. It’s what we’ve created – doing what we love, with the people we love, and having just as much fun as we did in the days of paper napkin based rules and sharing (or hiding) “the good die”.

The Usual Suspects:

The Blonde Guy (No, the other one)

– Former Fortune 500 company application developer, writer, coder, artist and caffeine drinking expert. Kevin is the founder of MP – as well as the author and one of the illustrators of Second Coming: The Role Playing Game, and lead developer/artist on our PC titles.  Kevin can normally be found in his natural habitat – at the keyboard with a cup of coffee at hand, but has been known to venture outside the safety of his home cubicle. Twice.

The Zoo Keeper

– Writer, editor, play tester, and animal tamer; Stacy is the office manager and unofficial groundskeeper of Paradise. When not updating the website, or trying to find ways to break Kevin’s code, Stacy can be found obsessing over chicken coops and permaculture research.

The Duck

– Our in-house artist, play tester, and official buzz killer of the office – Killer Ducky heads up the 2D Art department for our tabletop endeavors.  Growing up with SC:RPG, Killer Ducky is part of the second generation of the original Sunday gaming sessions. If not forced outside, she can be found drawing in her sketch book, painting, sculpting, designing graphics, drawing on her tablet, drawing on anything flat, drawing on anything in general, really, an awful lot of drawing with this one, gaming online, or playing one of her many musical instruments. Or drawing.


– He refuses to be listed on the “About Us” page, or even tell us exactly what he does around here.