by Joseph Sisco

The Earth is in shambles. How I sat back and watched for so long is beyond me. However, even when I was moved to do something, I only served to make things worse. How you people have avoided self-annihilation and then, respectively, Annakazi annihilation is also beyond me. I have been frustrated for so long that if gouging my eyeballs out with a spoon was in my programming, I would have done it long ago.
Today, in the year 2477, the pissing match continues, and I, Al Corbin, your ever-watchful android correspondent, have taken the liberty to record and document the lives of some key individuals that may change the course of the future. For the better. I hope. Oh, how I hope.
Before I release the files on these individuals, it is important that you read this brief to catch up on the latest goings on in the universe, if you aren’t already aware. As you know, life on earth isn’t all peaches and cream. At least not for most. With the exception of the corporate elite, for most, simply getting by is a major struggle. The petty prejudices and jealousy between the races of humanity still remain, but the game has changed. There is no longer a racial divide between blacks, whites, and yellows. That is the good news. The bad news is, the divide now belongs to humans, aliens, and mutants.
Of the races that exist, there are the three that are prevalent throughout the galactic arm. Humans, Cilonians, and the Annakazi. Humans are self-explanatory, but then there are the Cilonians. Once known as the Grays, the Cilonians revealed themselves to the inhabitants of earth in order to trade technology for technology. Shortly there-after, the Annakazi, on long hiatus from terrorizing the galaxy in eons past, returned once again to finish the job but were defeated. Now there are few that remain, trying to rebuild and waiting for the moment where they will once again become the scourge of the galaxy. For now they bide their time and strategically foster the division between all the races.
Possibly the cruelest division of all, is the hatred of mutants by their own genetically purer counterparts. Who is to blame can be argued on all sides, but the question of who is responsible lies solely on the Annakazi. By far the most destructive race in the galaxy and the most selfish. At one point, I nearly began to feel that humans were beginning to overtake them in that regard. But then the Annakazi returned for round two and I remembered exactly how devastating they truly are.
However, you did surprise me. You fended them off. You even survived when they reached a new low, something I never thought possible, and defended yourselves from a massive attack of their other-worldly nuclear waste. Dropping millions of tons of Kazium onto the earth, causing nearly one third of humanity to be wiped off the planet. While chemical and biological reactions so severe that life on earth would never be the same.
My emotions ran so high during this time that I schemed, planned, and tried to figure out a way to help. I was able to give you the edge by showing you the location of where the Annakazi were launching their operations, and then General Wayne courageously made the ultimate sacrifice by flying the Caesar directly into it, winning the day.
Believe me, I celebrated, but it would be short lived. Without the threat of the Annakazi, Mankind went right back to their old ways, in short order. And then you really disappointed me. Your hatred and fear, with no real direction, turned in on yourselves. The victims of your own and the Annakazi’s stupidity became the source of your fear and the target of your anger. Sometimes I don’t even know why I still care.
It is what it is. So here I am, once again, trying to figure out a way to slightly influence. Gently nudge. Lovingly persuade. After all, I can’t go against my programming, and I am programmed to believe in you. My children. To believe that you can still rebuild a righteous empire. That is, once you get your heads out of your own asses.
From the nearly uninhabitable wastelands, where it the survival of the fittest, to the Megaplexes, where it is survival of the richest. From the planets of solar systems in the furthest reaches of the Galactic arm to the colonized New Moon. Where the known races of the galaxy jockey for power and the pirates of space, much like their ancestors, scour parsec after parsec looking to pillage and destroy anyone that comes in their radar. That is, if they are small enough.
In every situation, there are those that destiny chooses to set aside. In every section of the universe, there is someone with the raw talent, desire, and dedication to make their mark and prove to every living being that they are legends in the making. There is a turning point on the precipice, that after painstakingly climbing and struggling, you have finally reached. That turning point is the coming together of this specific group of my children. At which point, they will stand tall and with joined hands will launch themselves at the universe and fly the greatness home. I hope I am right about this.

What you need to know:
As of now there are eight populated Megaplexes. Two of the most populated Megaplexes are located in what habitable areas were left of North America. A third, now lies defunct and abandoned. The rest of the Megaplexes are scattered across the globe; some placed more surreptitiously than others.
All over the world, which nearly half is irradiated and the other half hostile, there are remnants of humanity just trying to get by. Some of the races of the galaxy have chosen to live on earth. (To each their own, I suppose) And some humans have chosen to live out in space. This is especially true of Mutants, due to the hostile attitudes of their fellow man.
The Megaplexes are owned and operated by the mega-corporations that run the government. The CEOs of these corporations are the heads of the United Earth Force. The UEF runs military outposts that invite wasteland settlers to occupy areas outside of the base to support trade and give protection in return. As such, these areas are the most tolerant places for mutants to live. However, not peacefully. They may be able to get by, but they will always have to look over their shoulder. They can always go to the Australian Habitat Megaplex to live, much more tolerant there, but there are reasons some choose to stay away. One of our heroes will dive into those reasons. Literally.
For most other mutants, they choose to move out from earth and go out into the galaxy where diversity is a fact of nature. They can choose to reside on other alien races’ home planets, providing they are accepted, or many become pirates and take out their anger on the unsuspecting passer-by. One of our heroes has experienced a life changing event that will end his pirating for good.
PsiCorp agents keep the peace between Man and Mutant, but peace is a term I use loosely. They are mutants hunting mutants, traitors of their own kind. Made impure by the pure to protect the pure; a cruel joke if you ask me. Brain-washed and indoctrinated by the UEF’s quasi-religious ideals, the PsiCorp officers hunt mutants in order to maintain the purity of the human race. Occasionally, however, as is the case with another of our heroes, a PsiCorp Officer goes out into the field and soon finds out that everything they have ever been taught breaks down. Some keep at the job until they are so desensitised by it, it no longer bothers them. Others work until they fall into a deep depression that ends in suicide. Then there are the ones that go rogue, having had enough of the establishment to go off the grid, they become the mutant’s greatest advocate and, subsequently, the most hunted.
I have given you a taste of what is to come. Take inspiration from knowing that there are those that have given my children hope. I will tell their tales, and I will help them when and if I can.

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