Second Coming started with weekly tabletop role playing gaming sessions, complete with our 20-siders and plenty of Cheetos and Mountain Dew. We had an idea of creating our own science fiction RPG – and then, we grew up. Over the years, Kevin fleshed out the world of Second Coming. Once the basic rules and story line were in place – the weekly gaming sessions started back up. It was like old times, except with the addition of wives, babies in playpens, and toddlers running amok amongst the rolls of dice and bouts of laughter. 

Well now we’ve grown up a little bit more. And Second Coming has evolved from a list of rules and damage formulas to a fully realized and published RPG book. Now those gaming sessions involve those dice-swiping toddlers, video conferencing between continents, and on the occasion someone forgot their dice bag, a virtual dice roller – and the repeatedly and obsessively revised Second Coming universe.

Welcome to my world. Don’t call me God. Just. Just call me Al.

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